Breathing plays an important role in tantra, not only it is a great metaphor for the aspect of giving and receiving where the air around you provides you of fresh oxygen, and after breathing in you give it back. In essence this giving back is your gift back to the world, while relaxing. For a lot of us (western people) this leads a bit to confusion, cause we are not used that if we relax that what we give is ‘naturally good’. And that we can let go our control in this giving.

Also deepening the breath takes you immediately into a deeper and more sensitive connection towards yourself and your surroundings. While deep breathing, your experience becomes more intense, more beautiful and bright. Also you become more vulnerable and open. If you work with ‘sexual energy’, by deep breathing, you allow the energy to spread more all over your body. Just try it at home… 😉

When you put more attention on your breath you will notice where you keep your tension in your body. Often this will lead to realization about your personal blockades and strategies. If you allow yourself to breath into these blockages often you will be surprised by the release of emotions.

During the evening sessions you will often be guided to take your attention towards your breathing. Different techniques will help you to get to a deeper understanding what breathing actually means for you.
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