Body, Men & Soul – only men teaser – by Mark

Date(s) - 10/07/2015
19:30 - 22:30

't Hortus Huys

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– This evening will be a Tantric Moment Teaser for the next day workshop –

My fellow brothers – warriors – I call out to you to join me creating a brotherhood of men.

I will request you to connect to your strength, your honesty, your presence, your focus – to re-mancipate in a society where women “stand their men”, or have you lost yourself (too) in the dependency and entanglement in relating with women?

Are you still the boy revolting against his father, afraid of confrontation, or can you enjoy the company and competition between men?

Listen to this calling of a woman craving for a man:

“The Sacred Masculine is the ability to be present of body and heart, to be open in spirit and feeling, free in soul and mind. It is kindness merging with strength, passion blending with purpose, sexuality joining with expression, emotion meeting truth and imagination combining with intelligence. He does not hide from what his heart speaks; he listens with open ear embracing his intuition, knowing that as warrior his instincts are sharp. He does not run from conflict, knowing that resolution is the traits of Kings. He will not wall off his heart from the Divine Feminine, feeling that within the flow of her love is eternity.

The Divine Masculine does not play games for he holds all others as equal to himself. He is open and honest in speaking his truth for he knows to hide his voice is to veil his purpose. He has no shame for the love in his heart for he knows to feel is sacred. He owns his mistakes and his past, but is not a prisoner to it’s chains.

The Divine Masculine is a force of nature and as a part of nature, that has a reverence for the natural world and all the creatures in it. His power is purposeful but not harmful, and wields a double edged sword of strength and compassion in equal measure. His love is a sacred space for himself to grow alone and with a companion; a place of trust, respect and soul connection . He would never lessen another to make himself more. He is a man that acknowledges his desires, his dreams and his deep emotions. He needs no lineage to be crowned King.” ~ Ara

Will you join in discovering the warmth of other men? Can you engage in connecting to your warrior? Can you handle the honest feedback of other men? Can you allow your vulnerability and heart to open?

I call to you in helping your brothers through giving yourself permission to make yourself stronger, and find refuge in the honesty and vulnerability of other men.

In this workshop Mark will guide us through different exercises in connecting to your physical and emotional body – we will work on our relationship to our father and authority in general as a key to connect to a men’s world. As a consciousness coach Mark believes that accessing our anger-energy (in a safe and eminent environment) is the key to become more alive and present – it is what we use this energy for that makes the difference.
Suppressing this powerful energy leads to sadness, depression and slowly takes our balls away..

So if you rather please women and you are afraid in engaging with other men, you should stay at home and,have a glass of wine with your female friends.
If you need to drink a couple of beers first to embrace a man, or only when Groningen wins the Amstel Cup, then first wait another 20 years for Groningen to win.

Or engage with other men to see and experience what strength you have to gain..


blindfold – picture of father – massage oil – big towel – pen & paper – balls

Mail Mark: This event will happen with a minimum of 8 sign-ins on Wednesday 15th. Sign in in time, there is space for a maximum of 14 participants.

Friday 10th of July – Teaser – 19.30 – 22.30
Saturday 11th of July – Workshop – 07.30 – 19.30
‘t Hortus Huys – Grote Kruisstraat 3 – Groningen –
(You will find it exactly opposite het Heymansgebouw directly on the road behind the gate.)
Bring Cash Money:
€10,- for Friday – € 50,- for Saturday – incl. healthy vegetarian breakfast & lunch (opt. gluten-/lact-free)

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