Tantra, for me, is about expanding one’s consciousness, sensitivity, and self-awareness through the body and the senses. This involves turning inside and observing, feeling, allowing, and expressing what is inside of us, in the moment. Tantra is also about authentically connecting with others from a deep connection with oneself. And, perhaps most importantly, it is about acknowledging and embracing all parts of ourselves, including, or especially, the more hidden (shadow) parts. In this, tantra has served me greatly on my own journey of consciousness expansion, self-connection, and inner exploration.

For the past 7 years, inner exploration has become an increasingly significant part of my daily life and I can safely say that it is one of my main passions to turn inside and find out what is there, ready to be revealed, felt, acknowledged, expressed, or released. It feels very natural to me to extend this passion to providing a safe, supportive, conscious space and bedding for others to explore their inner world and connect with themselves. Besides Tantric Moments workshops, I facilitate ecstatic dance ceremonies, cacao ceremonies, shadow work, guided meditations, womb-art workshops, and self-marriage coaching.

I look forward to connecting and exploring together.

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