Get to know yourSelf deeply, take ownership over your life and become free on profound levels.

I am Helena, a passionate explorer of truthful human life experiences. I began researching mySelf through psychology. However, the first conscious connection I felt to myself came later. Yoga, and meditation helped me feel my body and solidifying the connection to Life. Like that,
I grew into living from a place of more freedom, authenticity, and well-being.

I am now holding space for others who want to live more fully and expand consciousness. In a space of presence, the practice is about genuinely relating to yourself and to others, to explore
diversities, and oneness.
I am looking forward to being with you!

Psychologist, Coach, Yogateacher, Breathwork facilitator, Tantrateacher, Wombwork facilitator

Co-founder of Integrated Tantra
Instagram: Integrated Tantra

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