Deeper into a medative state

Date(s) - 08/08/2014
19:30 - 22:30



In the upcoming tantric moments, I will guide you into my most favorite meditative techniques.
This can help you to become more aware of your deeper inner feelings, getting into a state where one can experience more freedom to let the mind flow, having less ego-talk interruptions. The goal is to promote the state-of-mind where the ‘continuous’ personal inner chit-chat silences. Where we look into ourselves in mild, peaceful, loving and forgiving way. Therefore we will enter easy practises to relax and get more at ease with increasing inner silence. Even better, we may experience spark of the silence that is behind every experience.

We will set sail to find that tranquil island inside us, where we can deeply rest and let everything be as it is, without continuously judging and trying to change experiences as they come and go.
To help our minds to calm down and find that place of rest inside itself, we will also focus on feelings of Love, which can be a nice and interesting experience.
We will work with our intentions, feelings, thoughts, body postures, movements and sounds.

When you like you can bring an item with you that inspires you spiritually: something that evokes warm and loving feelings (which can be a picture of a loved one for instance) or something that helps you to open up for dimensions beyond your individuality (.. Buddha or Christ statue).

It is recommendable to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and can move freely and that give you a feeling of freshness. For optimal benefit it can further be helpful to eat light a meal (instead of arriving with an exploding belly).

I am looking forward to guide you into this adventure and wish that you will all discover something for yourself.

Warm greetings,

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