Energasmic body – workshop – Mark

Date(s) - 22/11/2015
09:00 - 18:00



What would become possible when you could access high levels of energy through your body? Can you allow yourself to feel the areas that have been armoured around pain, or are you denying them?

Do you conceive your body as a limitation of your being, a burden to your limitless mind and soul?

In our society and as a result of a mechanical world-view, the body is often still perceived as a carrier of the soul – or in the most deterministic view, as a biochemical factory – and even though we can experience uplifting sensations from food, the sun, sex or a warm shower (some might even enjoy a cold shower more), we also experience pain, suffering and energy-blocks. Often we rather deny them and detach from our body or that particular body part – suppressing the symptoms it with medicine –

Our body is “matter” and consist of bones, muscles, organs, tissue and a whole lot of water. From this angle we limit our body to a material something. What would become possible if you could experience yourself as energy? Can you handle high levels of energy? Do you identify with your pain, or can you detach while fully feeling and it?

“Since I started doing Shiatsu and tantra I have started to see my body more and more as energy – And even though the “meridians” are invisible, we all experience having little or a lot of energy and use these expressions in our daily lives. All our experiences have conditioned our body-mind to contract or expand”.

In this workshop we will engage in several exercises that will reveal our body of energy. We will practise how it feels to open and expand, or contract. We will work (with) our bodies and in some exercises together experiencing blockages, healing techniques and our sexual energy.

20/11 19.30-23.00 – Tantric Moments teaser (€10,- & €7,50 with card-system)
22/11 9:00-18:00 – Workshop starts @ 10:00 (9:00-10:00 meditation) €40,- (€30,- low income).
SIGN IN & MORE INFORMATION: info@tantricmoments.nl

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