Love to Love – Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality

Date(s) - 21/11/2014 - 23/11/2014
19:30 - 21:00



Tantric Moments and Love Art Academy love the Intensive weekends, so enthusiastic we present:
An Intensive weekend to Love.

We made you an even longer weekend, so you can dive even deeper, expand a little more. We are looking forward seeing you there and meeting each other in a divine way.

A weekend in this beautiful fall, to fall into deep connection with yourself, your desires, your hick-ups ;-), your wild & gorgeous spirit, your love, your own ground and your capability to connect on a deeper level.

..go into the space where we safely can explore more of ourselves being the intimate and sexual beings that we are, in all of our innocence and sacredness.
Loving, caring and wanting to go deeper in more fulfilling ways of connecting to ‘all of me’ and ‘all of you’.
Using different Tantric exercises, meditations, bodywork, rituals, dance and inquiry’s, we’re going to the true depth of your Innocent Intimacy & Sacred Sexuality.

A place where you can safely tap into your senses, sensuality and sexuality. Where a sacredness and innocence lifts us up and gives us wings. Free and open, exploring and enjoying.
We will move in our animalistic and spiritual side, our sensitive and wild side.

Our lust for life comes to blossom as we are more and more alive and sexually open. Sexually open in the sense of letting life run right through you, of owning the man or woman that you are in all of your facets, embodying presence and radiation.
The innocent soul we are wants nothing more than to be welcomed, to be expressed and fully lived. The intimacy coming from that place, deepening your connection to life, yourself and a partner (future, current or a tantric partner you work with in the moment) will give you the fulfilment we all yearn for.

The True Lover inside of you, wants a deeper and more fulfilling intimate contact.
It wants to experience the love of truth, true pleasure and magnetic and fun play with the attraction between the masculine and feminine in us and between us.

It wants the body to be awakened
To feel the freedom of being sexually open
Be touched by the senses of life.
We love to feel attraction,
Feeling drawn,

We aim for 50% male/female participants (max 18), so there may be a waitinglist. Enter now, and you will have your spot in this beautiful weekend reserved where you learn it all to adapt it into your daily life.

Friday 21st -19.30 / 22.30
Saturday 22nd -13.30 / 22.30
Sunday 23rd – 13.30 /19.00 and 19.30 / 21.00

Friday evening
after the Tantric Moment we can go dancing in NATARAJ with Kareem Raihani, a lovely adding to this weekend!
Sunday evening
is a Contact Impro evening where we stay in the same space with the theme. We will dance and move from there and is open to people just coming to the CI evening as well. We’ll make it a beautiful space together.

Please bring a blanket and some paper and a pen.
Wear light clothes you can easily move around and sit in. Bring a nice warm vest or sweater and socks as well.
Bring on Saturday some extra clothes you can feel a ‘God or a Goddess’ in. That could help you shine all of your beauty – all of you and your aliveness. Dress to express.
On Sunday, wear white clothes.

It will be including a lovely vegan diner on Saturday made with love by Wanda.
Please bring on Sunday The Loveliest Dinner Dish Ever; your most favourite yummie pie, salad, soup, all vegetarian/vegan. To share with 3-4 others, so we can have a diversity pot-luck of divine tastes, colours and structures. To enlighten and enjoy all of our senses.

Price for the whole weekend, including the Friday evening Tantric Moments and the Sunday evening Contact Impro:,€ 99, (Low income/students: € 74)
Including: diner on Saturday, snacks and drinks.
* If you will not join on Sunday evening,

Please pay through transfer to bankaccount: NL72 INGB 0007217949 – S. C.C. Pijl – workshop Love to Love nov. 2014
Your payment is your reservation!
Do pay before the 17th.
Please email with a short note that you are joining us!

You can either participate Sunday evening (Contact Impro) or not. But the Friday evening (Tantric Moments) is the opening and we need you to be there to set a good and safe ground together. If there is an emergency why you can’t be there, please let us know and we’ll see how we can maybe work it out.
Sunday afternoon is the one part that is possible not to enter if your really can’t join. In that case you let us know upfront and you pay € 79 or € 54 low income/student.

For any questions, please contact Sandra at
or 0630041448. Or Wanda
More information about tantra you can find on

Looking forward to see you!
Wanda & Sandra

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