Massage & Communication

Date(s) - 20/11/2014
20:30 - 22:15



How to receive the best suiting massage for this moment? If you tell your partner exactly what you need, he or she can adapt to that. This is not always easy, but it is a very good and healthy to practice. You can experiment what you like, and change if you don’t like what you ask for. Also if you give a massage, it can really support you to know what your partner wants/needs.

To add verbal and non-verbal communication into the massage, and to allow yourself not to doubt, or take it to serious, makes the massage into an even more deep & dynamic practice of giving and receiving. This is a different level than our intuition, but if we can combine intuition & communication, we can feel a deep supporting connection with our partner.

This evening we will couple up. If you want you can come with friend or partner to be sure you feel comfortable. We will do two sessions of 40 minutes! So finally the time to relax and take time for each other!
We take care of a short introduction & ending circle, nice music, and a relaxing atmosphere.

During the massage we keep our clothes on, to keep the atmosphere safe. Luckily we can feel and massage in may ways with clothes on!

Looking forward!

€6,-/ (€4,50 with card-system)
YogaPlaza Groningen – Hofstraat 11-11
Walk through the portal and you will find it on the small square on the left
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