Midwinter deepening – Tantric Moments by Wanda

Date(s) - 20/12/2014 - 21/12/2014
13:30 - 19:00

@ Alco


Let’s do what we long for. Share what is going on within us, play like children, massage, dance, sing, cuddle, watch a movie, share our favourite food, eat blindfolded and ……?…….

Let’s celebrate the darkest period of the year, and come together to sink deeper into being.
Together we will go to a beautiful house in the Groninger country-side, where we will sleep over for one night, to become a family for a small while!

This we will do in a safe embedding with many many candles!

Part of this weekend will be a midwinter ritual, to celebrate the darkest period of the year, and to realise that from now on the days are getting longer, and the sun is coming back! During this ritual we will take time to look & feel into ourselves just a bit deeper.

The weekend will be organised by Wanda, and she will offer some beautiful structures (eg: for who knows it: the king and servant play). Besides we will bring our wishes together. So if you have things you really love to do, and that are necessary ingredients to make this weekend into your favourite one, please let us also know.

We will help and support each other in this beautiful deepening, and create a sacred space, to let magic happen. The weekend will be about joy, being together, reflection, loving, relaxation, contemplation and will contain a ritual to honour ourselves and each other. There we will feel the gratitude for where we are on this moment in our lives, and prepare & open ourselves for the coming period.

Feel welcome to Join!
Love to meet you there,

A delegation will walk from Kardinge (klimcentrum Bjoeks) to Sint-Annen, guided by Anna. We will welcome you with a lunch & hot Choco! Also we will take your luggage from Kardinge by bus. If you want to join the walk please let us know in your sign-in.
Start walk: 10.30

Saturday start: 13:30
Sunday end: 19.00
Cost €0,- (donations are welcome)
Sign in in advance: info@tribeofpassion.nl or 06 15524911
We will car-pool together


* Bring an object that has personal meaning for you (might also be a picture from a beloved one)
* Pen & notebook
* Your two times your favourite (vegetarian) dishes for the pot-luck on Saturday & Sunday.
* Music instruments or things that can make sound, we will sing and be together on Saturday evening.

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