Quality of touch

Date(s) - 15/08/2014
19:30 - 22:30



The most intense and primal sense we have is our tact/touch. In this there is a world to explore, and often we put far to little attention into this experience! If we open up to this sense deeper, we will feel the richness of life, allowing being carried by all that surrounds us! Tactual experience can be a great anchor to keep yourself into a meditative state of the here and now.

During this evening we will open this tactic sense in different ways. Primary we will open up to ourselves, with beautiful relaxing excises in receiving the touch of our surroundings. After we will explore different qualities with partners and in small groups.

If you want to support this evening, it would be great if you bring some things which have a really nice or interesting tactual quality!

It might be nice to bring your partner, so that you can explore & be guided in deeper levels.

So let’s explore together!

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