SEXY SUMMER – by Sandra Pijl

Date(s) - 01/08/2014
19:30 - 22:30


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This evening will be the introduction of the full-day dive in the consciousness of creating more bliss & sexyness.

In the middle of the summers holiday we’d like to come close to ourselves & each other and dive into a more deep and profound tantric experience. We will be guided by Sandra Pijl, who guided us before into a very warm & loving space.

Sensitivity, sensuality, confidence, consciousness, embodiment, masculine-feminine polarity, empathy, vulnerability, surrender, focus, honesty, fire & fluidness, listening, being, courage, love, whispering, devoted touch, divine eye gazing, holy hornyness, inner yoni connection, inner lingam connection, sounding, moving, breathing, heart2heart..
And more.
We will go into the space where we safely can explore more of ourselves being the sexual beings that we are, loving, caring and wanting to go deeper in more fulfilling ways of connecting to ‘all of me’ and ‘all of you’.

We are attracted to so many things when we are open. To the beauty of many things in life.. our desires come from the place of attraction. You are more or less attractive yourself on certain moments. How come? How can you experience more attractiveness in general? And as a (wo)man?

The sensitive heart.
The sensing body.
The soft eyes.
The sensual sensations.
The  soulful insights.

The invitation is to drop into it all…
The Sexy Summer is here.

The Friday’s ‘Tantric Moment’ will be the introduction & start-off for the deeper dive into the full day’s and rich experience on Saturday. If you like the evening, feel welcome decide last minute to drop into the full Saturday!

Sandra Pijl is the founder of the ‘Academie voor Liefhebben’. Her passion is to teach people a new way of intimacy with themselves, life and others they relate to. It’s an art to love and to find your full potential in life, being fully in that what you are, aware of your masculine or feminine essence.
For years she already is inspirited and experienced in both the practice of tantra as sharing it with other people in groups, where she creates a safe and sacred atmosphere to work with the body, experience and it’s vital energy.

Love to meet you then!
Wanda & Sandra

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