Tantra full weekend! – by Wanda

Date(s) - 07/11/2015 - 08/11/2015
10:00 - 18:00

Sint Annen


This long weekend we will dive deeper into tantra, within the safety of one group-setting. We will be staying in a beautiful house in a small village just north of Groningen.
— Wanda —

Tantra is a spiritual path in which you use “the other” to descent deeper within yourself, and from there re-connect, regain your trust and reclaim your natural unity. In tantra we research how we relate to each other & ourselves, and by recovering our trust, opening ourselves in sensitivity, vulnerability and honesty to that otherness we’ll often find transformation, bliss & joy. On this path you will see how you can reclaim the responsibility for your life, and create the safe atmosphere in where you can be(come) what you really are.

The most powerful place to do so is in our intimate/partner relationships, where (as many of us know) old patterns might show up. Intimacy, safety and bliss are powerful tools to transform what no longer serves us.

First we need to reconnect to our own body, (our vehicle to realise ourselves into this world), we will do that with bodywork and meditation, in which we focus on dance, breath, movement, emotions, flow and the sensual experience.

Second, we will practice how we can relate with “the other” without losing the anchoring connection with ourselves. Honesty, transparency and openness towards all thoughts, emotions and feelings that will arise in that relation is the essential key to reprogram ourselves thát we are safe and loved in this world.

Often tantra in the west is very much allayed to sexuality. But tantra is much much wider than often is thought of. Mostly in tantra sexuality, (the reunion of the fem. and the masc.) is seen as a metaphor for the many aspects of our day to day life-experience. Part of tantra is to work on a constructive way with our sexual energy, which is seen as life-force energy (our source). Without horneyness or goal orientation sexual energy can be experienced as healing and full of vitality.
In tantra we work with this vital-energy and we practice to move it through all of the body by breathing visualisation, movement and sound.

We will use many different and playful ways to explore experience within the dynamics of giving & receiving, sharing, exploring borders & desires, masculine & feminine, life-force, joy etc. Whilst all that I will make sure we will feel safe and comfortable.

During the weekend there will exercises with optional physical nudity.

Love to meet you,

6-8th of November
TIMES: Friday: 19:30-22:30 (Tantric Moments-Teaser @ the Travertijn) – Saturday 10.00 – Sunday 18.00 (@ Sint Annen)
It’s possible to join Friday / Saturday only, it is not possible to join Sunday only.
STAY OVER: We stay on a beautiful location, we can sleep on the available mats, but bring your own pillow and blanket.
POT-LUCK Bring your favourite dish to share for 3 persons lunch or dinner, we will create a schedule for everybody.
TRANSPORT: We will arrange cars to drive together, let me know if you have a car available.
PRICE €60,- (€50,- for low-income Cash on Saturday)
SIGN IN/ QUESTIONS: info@tantricmoments.nl / 0615524911 (Wanda)
We will hand a minimum of 10 participants & a maximum of 22 participants.
(there might be a waiting-list because we are aiming for same amount of men & women)

If you know any people who might be interested, feel free to invite them.

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