Tantric Moments – Tantra, Mantra & Bhakti – Authentic Tantra

Date(s) - 14/06/2024
19:30 - 22:30

Groningen - EdanZ - studio 10


This evening will be facilitated in honour of Lord Ganesha.

“Tantra is about attuning to the art of living, it gives guidelines on how to live your life.” Anand Mishra

This Tantric Moment unfolds on the auspicious day after the new moon, known in Hindu culture as Pratipada. It marks the beginning of a fresh cycle, symbolising new beginnings and opportunities. Tonight, our devotion turns towards Lord Ganesha, the revered remover of obstacles. As the dawn of a new lunar phase emerges, we invoke the divine presence of Lord Ganesha to bless our endeavours, clear our paths, and illuminate our journey with success.

This evening we will practise the sacred Bhakti Yoga, the path of loving devotion. Bhakti Yoga stands as one of the pillars of spiritual practice in both Yoga and Tantra. The word bhakti is rooted in the Sanskrit word “bhaj,” meaning “to adore” or “to worship,” Bhakti Yoga encompasses a spectrum of heartfelt practices. During our Bhakti the melodious chants of prayers and hymns will merge into the silent communion of meditation and the joyful celebration of worship will merge to the selfless acts of service (seva). During this evening each gesture becomes a radiant offering of love and devotion to the divine.

Guided by our professional musical guest teachers straight from the spiritual heart of India (Varanasi), our evening will be enriched with the authentic essence of Indian spiritual tradition.

Through prayers, chants, and rituals, let us surrender to the divine presence within and around us, experiencing the blissful union of the devotee and the divine. In this sacred space of unity and devotion, may our hearts be filled with love, our minds with clarity, and our souls with the eternal grace of Lord Ganesha, as we come to understand the essence and power of Lord Ganesha and integrate aspects of this divine energy within ourselves during this evening of devotion.

We are looking forward for a magical evening,
Annu, Anand & Wanda

As a preparation, study Lord Ganesha for yourself and bring offerings to lord Ganesha; This can be sweet foods/fruits, red flowers, candle lights (diyas), grass or coconut.
In honor of this evening try to wear Red, Orange, Yellow or White.

Save the date for two more transformative Tantric Moment workshops by Annu and Anand:
* Sound & Meditation on the 24th of May
* Hindu Deities & Yogic Lifestyle on 31th of May
For those seeking to further explore the realms of devotional practices and ancient wisdom, join us in additional workshops and lessons throughout May and June, all cantered around the enchanting world of traditional Indian music. Visit www.SaarVadi.com for more information and embark on this sacred journey with us.


An evening to connect, first of all with yourself then with others.
Together we explore how we relate to life. We use exercises, where the orientation is on the experience of the physical body, the emotions, the mind and on spiritual aspects. Through reflection we bring insight and awareness to areas where you may not know yourself that well. This awareness and the loving presence to your own and each other’s experience, often makes healing possible.

This Western form of tantra that we practice is sometimes called being-oriented tantra. The threshold of this style is safe and accessible. We stay clothed and, there is no focus on sexual expression or energy. We bring our attention to the awareness of and the vitality of our own experience.
Where Tantra in many styles seems to focus on the (sexual) dynamics and interaction between different sexes, Tantric moments for us is much more about uniting opposite (polar) aspects in yourself. We use the interaction with other people of any identity or age as a mirror to give insight into ourselves and our borders.

About 80% of the participants come independently. If you are not comfortable to work with strangers, you can bring someone with whom you feel safe and comfortable. This partner does not have to be your lover and sexual orientation usually does not matter. Important is that you have the intention to support each other lovingly and get to know each other better.

We are looking forward sharing a Tantric Moments with you,
The Tantric Moments Team

Friday 19:30-22:30 Walk in from 19:00
Wear comfortable clothing. During the evening we stay clothed.

We invite a maximum of 19 participants.
For this reason it is desirable that you buy a ticket in advance.
If the event is not sold out, you can buy tickets at the door.
You do not have to print your ticket as we check your name at the door.
If you come more often, you can buy a cardsystem. You then buy 5 or 10 ‘strippen’ in advance for €70,- or €140,- respectively, this can be done at www.tantricmoments.nl/winkel.

info@tantricmoments.nl or 050.2340030 (also Whatsapp)

If you’re coming for the first time, please read the ‘rules of the game’ before registering: www.tantricmoments.nl/rules.
If you can’t agree with these, then this event is not for you.

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