Tantric Dance Moments!

Date(s) - 28/08/2015
20:00 - 23:55

Happy Yoga


This first tantric moment of the new season will be celebrated on a special evening on a special location!

Do you fancy a night dancing in tune with others, whilst keeping in contact with yourself?
Do you want to touch and be touched in alignment, accompanied by soft music while playful dancing? Tantric Dance will address a balance between surrender and trust in alignment with each other. One person is blindfolded, and the other is not. Constantly changing from partners to discover how to move naturally in connection with that person, supported by the music, allowing you to be in the moment.

We will do a warm up where touching in alignment with yourself and the other be explored. Then follows the tantric dance: still, enthusiastic, gentle and full of energy; just what you feel!

At 20.00 we will start with a workshop, and after from 21.00-00.00 we will dance and move together. We will make sure to pamper you with fresh tea, nice tasty waters & snacks.

See you then,
Donate & Debbie

20.00 – 00.00
HappyYoga Oosterhamriklaan 261a
(Walk around the left-corner and enter the alley on your right)

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