Tantric Massage workshop – Dagi (Prague)

Date(s) - 16/12/2015
19:00 - 22:00



An evening to explore giving and receiving conscious healing touch through Tantric Massage guided by our special guest Dagi, from Prague.— * —

During this evening we get to know basic tantra principles. We will do some simple exercises in couples or small groups to tune into the energy of giving and receiving. In couples we will share a little bit of the magic of tantric massage ritual. This programme is suitable for absolute beginners as well as for those who have already some experience with tantra and tantric massage.
If you want to be sure that feel comfortable with your partner, we advise you to bring your partner or a friend.
During the evening is clothing is optional. You can choose if you want to be fully clothed, in the underwear or completely naked.
DAGI MICIKOVA: “I live in Prague where I offer tantric massage sessions and organise self development seminars and talks particularly focussed on tantra and conscious sexuality. 7 years ago I first met with tantra and started to change my attitude towards sexuality and connections with other human beings in endless ways.
Tantric massage for me is a ritual of acceptance and honour of every human being in their truth, nature and nudity. In this ritual a space opens up in front of us, a space where we can accept ourselves in our very vulnerability, including every single part of us, even our sexuality. It does not matter if it is wild and unrestrained or delicate and gentle, whether it fits into the perceptions and values of traditional societies or it is far beyond them. A space where we can be completely free and authentic only if we just let ourselves.”
Clothes you feel comfortable in
Sheet, blanket or big towel to lay on
Sarong or big scarf to wrap yourself in
Massage oil
19:00-22:00 welcome & door open 18:30
€25,- (€20,- low income)
We hand a maximum of 20 participants
For this workshop you have to sign in in advance: info@tantricmoments.nl (Wanda) send an e-mail and you will receive further information about the registration procidure.
During their stay Dagi and her partner Janek will offer Tantric Massage sessions, if you are interested you can contact them (janeksrope@seznam.cz).
“Each encounter is different and unique for me. Tantric massage can be deeply relaxing, sensual, intimate, healing, exploring or all together. It embodies the qualities of wilderness and serenity at the same time and you never really know where it might take you. I feel great humbleness and gratitude that I can accompany you to places you love and know confidentially, yet where you might not be comfortable inviting even your closest friends; and also in places where you might not have been yourself before. I feel a deep appreciation for all we have and who we are and what we can reach and what we can become. I feel gratitude for what we can share and discover together right here and now, through the loving and sensual touch and acceptance in all human nakedness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.” (Dagi)
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