Tantric Moments – Love – Wanda

Date(s) - 12/08/2022
19:30 - 22:30


A mystery that seems impossible to grasp scientifically… Love is a feeling that is perhaps the essence of everything we call spirituality.

Relaxing in the heart area, because we are safe, we feel loved and at home, then there is room for love. Our heartbeat slows down, our breathing widens…

When we feel love (and compassion) we are less likely to get sick, we are more resistant to stress, we recover better from illness…
It’s a miracle… or does it just make sense…

How can you feel, embody this essence, and consciously make space in your heart, allow yourself to relax and trust in life…

I look forward to a special evening, in which we can feel the essence of our hearts.
– Wanda –


An evening to connect, first with yourself, then with the environment and the others around you.

Together we explore how we relate to life. We use experiential exercises for this, where the orientation is often on the physical body, the emotions, the mind and the spiritual experience. The exercises, which you often do together with a partner, help to bring insight and awareness through reflection in areas where you may know yourself less well. This awareness and the loving presence to your own experience and partner often makes healing possible.

This form of tantra is also called being-oriented tantra. The threshold of this style is accessible. We stay out of the sexual energy and bring attention to consciousness and vitality.

I look forward to special evenings with you,

Iedere vrijdag 19:30-22:30 Inloop v.a. 19:00
Draag comfortabele kleding. Gedurende de avond blijven we gekleed.
Ongeveer 80% van de deelnemers komt zelfstandig, je hoeft dus geen (gelegenheids)partner mee te nemen. Vind je het spannend, dan kun je ook een goede vriend(in) meenemen waarmee je je comfortabel voelt.
Vragen of meer informatie: info@tantricmoments.nl of 050.2340111 (ook Whatsapp) (Wanda)

€17,50 for normal ticket, €12,- for low income (4 tickets available) (order below)
I use a maximum number of 17 participants. For this reason, I ask participants to buy a ticket in advance. You do not need to print this ticket and bring it with you, because I will see your name on the list.
If you come more often, you can use the credit system. You buy 5 or 10 tickets in advance for €70 or €140 respectively.
After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email, it is important that you read it completely and agree to the terms and conditions. If not, you can cancel your ticket.
If you want to cancel due to Covid contamination, you will get your entrance fee back.

When you come for the first time, it would be nice if you read the ‘rules of the game’ in preparation for the preparation: www.tantricmoments.nl/spelreglement


Er kunnen geen reserveringen meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement.

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