Tantric Moments – Martin Vrabko (tantric teacher and photographer)

Date(s) - 08/07/2016
19:30 - 22:30

Yoga Lifestyle Center

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To all women, couples and maybe men too..

A day with X is a emotional oriented photo shoot which brings awareness to women life about all difficulties and happy moments. It is based on truth and personal experience which is captured with mastery in very artistic way on photographs and video.

This project connects two worlds. Our inner space, feelings, emotions and photography. My style is based on very emotional work based on shamanic & tantric rituals, meditations and exercises where I capture photography / video as a visual way to contain and maintain  this precious moments in artistic way.

When we experience magical moments in our lives, all these moments makes sense, they are strong but as time flows they slowly disappear. Photography and video has ability to keep them for future as a reminder.

What would become possible when you could have a personal photoshoot with one of the best photographers according to Greymeter.com


Tantric moments is offering a tantric evening with Martin Vrabko on opening up to fragility – or any other theme that you would choose from the topics below that you would love to be captured for eternity?

Martin is an internationally Master Photographer and experienced in many aspects of opening people to their most precious being and true self.

But words cannot describe as much as a single picture can…


So the invitation is to you – come and allow yourself to have your souls captured –

1. Spontaneity and creativity
2. Vulnerability
3. Emotions
4. Animality
5. Woman Power
6. Meeting her self – meeting her body.
7. Intuition and flow
8. Freedom – Yes No process
9. Sensuality & Sexuality
10. Vision of life and High dream

Content – what to expect that will happen
Stages of the photoshoot

1. First Martin will interview you – Who are you, how is your life.
2. Photo and video shoots – with possible interviews or sharings
3. Closing interview and sharing

You can choose from topics written above – as a indication to open to your inner self:

Results – what do take home from the shoot… –
10 – 20 pictures in HD quality

Satisfaction warrantee – If you are not satisfied with the result you do not have pay – nor will you receive any pictures then.
Cost for location and lunch will; however be charged €35,-

Friday: Yoga Lifestyle Center – Friesestraatweg 31 – Groningen
Saturday & Sunday: Stylefull location in Groningen or Drenthe – lunch included

Friday: regular price of tantric moments €10,- at Yoga Lifestyle Center
Saturday | Sunday €155,- per session

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