Tantric Moments Young: COMMUNITY Evening


19:00 - 22:00


Centrum de Poort - Friesestraatweg
Friesestraatweg 31, Groningen, Groningen, 9718NB, Groningen

Evenement type

This Tantric moments-young evening is our first long wanted community evening! This evening will be about meeting each other, sharing thoughts about tantra, practicing and having fun.

We’ll start with a meditation and a sharing round, then we’ll offer a practice to meet each other. After that there will be a free space to meet. We will be there to hold space and answer questions.


Important update!

After consultations with the official instances, we are unfortunately required to check CoronaCheck QR-codes at the upcoming events, contrary to earlier announcements.

– Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily

– Location: Centrum de Poort, Friesestraatweg 31
– Ticket price: €5,00

– Ticket link: https://www.chipta.com/tickets/event/43963/tantric-moments-young-community-evening/

– You can contact us for urgent matters by calling 06-47813930
– Bring your own meditation pillow if you have one

– Bring a blanket or your favorite instrument, your favorite cake, or something else you would like to share.

– We’ll make some tea and have some snacks.
– If you have a cold or feel ill, please stay at home

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