Tantric Moments – Explore your inner Truth – Dorien & Boana

Date(s) - 20/01/2023
19:30 - 22:30

Groningen - EdanZ - studio 10


We warmly welcome you for this evening of self inquiry.

For us, tantric practices are about learning to be (or stay) present. Present with this moment, present with ourselves and what’s alive inside of us, as well as present with our surroundings and in our connections with other people. When we slow down, pay attention to our bodily sensations, feelings and thoughts, we discover how much there is to experience in every single present moment. 

By really being present in ourselves, we get in touch with our deeper inner knowing. It’s in our bodies where this inner truth, a higher intelligence, our intuition resides. It can be a wonderful discovery to connect with our inner truth, to learn to listen to its voice and to also let it be our ally. 

We will invite you to go inwards and connect with yourself non-judgmentally, with a curious and open heart. Then we will inquire on questions like: what is true for me at this moment? How am I truly feeling at this moment? Also, how am I truly feeling in a certain connection or in giving and receiving touch?  

Join us on this journey of self discovery and let our truths be lived!

With love,
Dorien & Boana


In a safe, consious and curious setting of like-minded-people we connect. First with yourselves, then with the environment and the others around you.

We explore together how we relate to life. We use experiential exercises for this, in which the oriëntation is on the physical body, the emotions, the mind and the spiritual experience. The exercises, which you often do with a partner, help to bring insight and awareness to areas where you may know yourself less well. This awareness and the loving presence to your own experience and partner often makes healing possible.
This form of tantra is also called being-oriënted tantra. The threshold of this style is accessible. We stay out of the sexual energy and bring attention to consciousness and vitality.
You can come independently, or bring a partner with whom you feel comfortable (this partner does not have to be of the opposite sex).
We are looking forward towards special evenings with you,
– The Tantric Moments team –
Friday 19:30-22:30 Walk-in from 7:00 pm
PRICE: €17,50 for a regular ticket, €14,- with card-system, and €12,- for low income.
Wear comfortable clothes. During the evening we stay dressed.
Questions or more information: info@tantricmoments.nl or 050.2340030 (also Whatsapp)
We use a maximum number of 21 participants. For this reason, please book your ticket underneath, and make sure you read the confirmation e-mail. If you have a problem booking your ticket, please contact us. You do not have to print this ticket and bring it with you, because we will see your name on the list.
If you are coming for the first time, it would be nice if you read through the ‘rules of the game’ in preparation for the preparation:


Er kunnen geen reserveringen meer worden geplaatst voor dit evenement.

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