Tantric Moments Young: Uniting body, mind and heart

Date(s) - 21/10/2021
18:45 - 22:00

Centrum de Poort - Friesestraatweg


Uniting body, mind and heart (21-10)

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How busy is your mind right now? Can you feel your body? Can you be curious about every experience of this moment, whether pleasant or unpleasant?

In this tantra workshop, we will explore the connection between body, mind and heart. You might recognize that you spend way too much time behind your computer or phone. How aware are you at that moment of your bodily sensations and the true desires of your heart? If you take time for your body, mind and heart to communicate with each other, you might feel much happier and more in touch with yourself. This opens opportunities to connect openly and intimately with others.

During this Tantric Moments Young evening, we will take a journey within, integrating and reconnecting the parts that make us whole. Will you join us?

Hosted by: Freek & Louisa

– Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily
– Location: Centrum de Poort, Friesestraatweg 31
– Ticket price: €13,50,- regular / €11,- low-income
– Ticket link: https://www.chipta.com/tickets/event/42655/uniting-body-mind-and-heart/
– You can contact us for urgent matters by calling 06-47813930
– Bring your own meditation pillow if you have one
– We’ll make some tea but bring a bottle of water for during the session
– If you have a cold or feel ill, please stay at home and contact us before the workshop, well in advance. In that case, you can get a refund on the ticket.

With love

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