Intimate with Ourselves

Date(s) - 19/11/2020
18:45 - 22:00

Centrum de Poort - Friesestraatweg


– This workshop is online or offline depending on the outcome of the upcoming press conference (read more below) –
What relationship do you have with yourself?
In our everyday life, we engage in numerous relationships. We interact with friends, colleagues, lovers, cashiers. You might like this friend because she listens so well or dislike that colleague because he is noisy at the office. With all of these relationships, there is a sense of closeness or distance, and intimacy in various forms. But how about this everlasting relationship, between you and yourself? How close do you feel to yourself at this moment? Which parts of yourself do you want to be with and which would you rather not have around?
One of the main aspects within tantra, is the practice to give all forms of yourself space to be experienced. With this, the present moment can feel like a play, just like a beautiful conversation or game of football with a friend.
A starting point for this journey, as with all relationships, is to take time, slow down and listen with a curious intention. We’re about to take a closer look at “you and you”, by moving, expressing and sharing ourselves to ourselves (and others.. 😉 )
Depending on the outcome of the upcoming press conference, we will decide on Tuesday or Wednesday whether the workshop will take place online or offline. If you sign up you will receive an information email from us as soon as we know more!
Because you don’t know in advance what session you get when you subscribe, this session is on a Dana base (you can give what you want at the end of the workshop).
See you there,
Tomm & Ruben
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