Tantric Moments Young – Feeling

Date(s) - 12/01/2020
13:30 - 17:30

Groningen - EdanZ - studio 10



Do you dare to feel in every moment, whilst staying present?

This Sunday, we will make a differentiation between feeling and emotion. Making this difference will help you to stay conscious and open in the here and now whenever feelings or emotions come up. This way you will stay connected with yourself and others whilst you can transform old emotions.

Intense experiences from the past, that you could not deal with at the time, or for which you did not receive the support that you needed, got stored in your system. Emotions that are not worked through give stress. In the end, stress will influence your physical, emotional and mental functioning in a negative way.

Emotions stored this way are repeated every time when a situation occurs that reminds you of this old experience. We call these events triggers.

If you become aware of these triggers and how they function, their appearance could become a beautiful opportunity for psychological development. For every time that a trigger appears, it gives us the chance to release our system from the old hurt by allowing feelings to unfold.

For this, we will practice to able to stay present, and find a nonjudgmental loving ground within yourself. The support of others around you will help a great deal in this!

In tantra, we create an intimate safe setting, where old emotions can come up freely. There were your parents, carers or lovers could not recognize your feelings, now in this setting there is an invitation for everybody to be seen, held and acknowledged. 

We are looking forward for a deepening afternoon with you,

Ruben & Wanda

– Wear comfortable clothes
– Age: between 18-35 year
– We’ll make Some tea but bring a bottle of water during the session.
– Time:
There is tea from 13:30
The workshop is from 14:00-17:30
– Buy a ticket in advance on:
Normal ticket: 10.-
Low-income ticket: 8,-
Mind: There is a maximum of 23 tickets

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