Tantric Moments-Young : Play and Joy

Date(s) - 28/06/2020
11:00 - 14:00


Dear Tantrica’s,

In last weeks’ workshop, you shared with us the wish to go outside and see each other again. This spark has flown over, and got us excited too! So, if the weather stays good, we will share the secondto final session of this Tantra season outdoors in the Stadspark 😀

In this live session we will be exploring the topic of play and joy:

Play is a quality we all have experienced, starting from our early childhood. We experience(d) it while jumping on a trampoline or driving a bike with no other goal than the joy of the activity itself!

Yet, it is easy to forget this intrinsic joy within our everyday moments. Goals and future perspectives give the impression that we have to do something ‘in order to’ get somewhere. Yet within this perspective, we miss so much of what’s happening right here.

From a tantric perspective, we will explore joy and play and the possibility to experience these qualities in various types of feeling – the fun ones as well as the difficult ones.

In order to keep to the rules of social distancing, we will allow 14 participants to the workshop. Therefore, we will work with tickets again (see link).

Furthermore, if the weather turns out to be bad, we will do the workshop on Zoom. We will communicate this to you at least two days in advance of the workshop. If you have already bought your ticket then, we consider this as your Dana for the Zoom meeting.

In the case of an online meeting, more people can obviously join this playful party!

Masha & Ruben

* Bring a blanket to sit on
* Bring a pillow to sit on
* Bring something to cuddle (or wrestle) with
* Wearing different layers of cloths can help with adjusting to the temperature
* The exact location will be shared with the participants in due time
* Take your own drinks (and snacks)
* The workshop, if outdoors, will be from 10:45 (walk in) till 14:00
* If the workshop turns out to be on Zoom, we will shorten it (10:45-13:00)
* Tickets: https://www.chipta.com/tickets/event/29249/tmy-play-and-joy/
Single entry € 10,-
Low-income € 8,-



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