Date(s) - 12/03/2015
19:30 - 22:30



This massage/healing-workshop allows life-force to move freely through the body. Though it is not a Tantra oriented workshop, the experience & practice might strongly support the ones who are working with tantra.
Ed Bodewes is experienced in both tantra and many other healing techniques.
So feel welcome to come and join this beautiful evening!

“How can it be lighter, with less effort?”


Make closer acquaintance with the inspiring, playful, relaxing and effective method of dr. Milton Trager that makes movement more free and life lighter and centred.

The Trager® Approach is a form of movement education and mind/body integration. It releases deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation and physical mobility

The starting point of the Trager Approach is that the body by nature is a gracious and vital system. It can become more limited and stiffer by unfavourable experiences as stress, trauma, repetitive actions, bad posture, illness and disappointments.

All experiences, either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, make an imprint in the subconscious system as patterns that can’t be easily deleted.

But they can be recalled or overwritten. The grace and ease of movement can be recalled or re-learned by touch and soft movements – with an inner attitude of silence and wonder – till the unconscious gets the feeling of freedom, softness or ease. Until the new experiences overwrite the former limiting patterns.


During this Trager workshop you will experience some of the basic principles and effects of the Trager® Approach.

We practice Mentastics® (mental gymnastics), which is part of the Trager Approach. These are movements of the body that address your mind to qualities as lightness, letting go, relaxation and the experience of connection to the ground. They invite your body to relax unnecessary stress in your muscles. Stiffness and unease are quickly replaced by deep relaxation and comfort.

This evening you first practice simple and playful movements on your own, from a state of awareness. With a partner the giver implements with his/her bodyweight and hands gentle touch, rhythmic movements and soft stretchings. For the receiver this brings consciousness of stress patterns and especially experience of softness, space and mobility of the body and relaxation in posture.

At home you can recall your experiences and insights from the workshop and integrate them in your daily practices.

During the workshop we keep our clothes on.


For everybody who wants to re-discover his natural posture and movement. For the one who seeks support in resolving muscle- and neurological complaints like back-, shoulder- and neck pain, burnout, sleeplessness etc. Also very appropriate for people who share bodywork or massage. For them who work in care with people or as counsellor, in dance, sports, art or music.

ED BODEWES is a professional confirmed and passionate Trager practitioner and Mentastics instructor. He gives individual sessions Trager, Rebalancing and Focusing, massage courses and -workshops, workshops Trager and mindfulness bodywork. Most of his activities are based on his passion for and practice in Rebalancing bodywork, all sorts of movement education, focusing and personal awareness. (
Ed’s interest in the area of personal development already deepens his experience since about 25 years. During his journey he came across Rebalancing in 1998 and was immediately touched by the immersion and respect he experienced during the practice.

‘Rebalancing brings me inner space and peace.’
With his open, engaged attention without judgement he is a gentle and well experienced workshop teacher.


Thursday 12th of March 19.30-22.30
€30,- (€20,- for students/low-income)

be in time, at 19.30 we lock the door to keep us and our valuables safe.

LANGUAGE – Dutch with optional English translation.

YogaPlazaGroningen – Hofstraat 11-11 –

Walk through the portal and you will find it on the small square on the left.

Places are limited (max 16 people), minimum participation 8 people.
To register send an e-mail to:
For questions you can call Ed: 050 5717639 or e-mail him.