giving & receiving

The most essential part of tantra is that there takes place an interaction between you as an individual and the world that surrounds you. This can simply be by receiving the beauty of a flower, and you giving back your joy and happiness to the world. But mainly in tantra we practice the aspect of giving and receiving with another or with more individuals.

Our mind is quite confused about the aspects of giving and receiving. Often we give cause we actually long for something in return in addition it can be a way of being seen, a way to take attention, instead of giving it. Receiving the attention that someone has for you. Receiving the gift of someone who gives you a bedding in which you are fully allowed to express yourself is something that scares a lot of us. We are not used to let somebody close who is really open towards you, a person who is having no judgements, and is not wanting anything from you.

In tantra we practice a lot to dismantle the aspects of giving and receiving. In this you will discover how simple and fulfilling real giving is, and how beautiful to see the other unfold in front of your eyes only with the support of your presence. Also you will learn to listen deeply inwards yourself and to tune into your own wonderful being and discover what your deepest longings and desires wish for, in a safe surrounding you can experiment to express them, and see what happens…