It’s not so nice to create rules and to say what you can do and what you can not to. Bút because we want to create a safe atmosphere in which you can really open yourself and feel free, we want you to be aware of a few specific things, therefore we created some guidelines:

Guidelines to agree on 🙂

  • You are in an healthy and stable mental state, and are able to take responsibility for yourself.
  • Everything shared or experienced by other people should be respected and not be talked about outside the session. You can share with others about your own experiences, but be discreet about others’.
  • Respect your own boundaries and feelings. You will be responsible for yourself, so never compromise against your will to meet somebody else’s needs and wishes. You can step out, or work with another partner, e.g. one of the assistants. Ask for help if you need it. You can say anytime ‘no’ or ‘stop’, or decide to step out, even if you are not sure how to motivate your decision. If you are not sure, also step out and give yourself some space to inquire what is happening within.
  • Respect the boundaries of other participants.
  • Try to be curious and open, even if you have a painful, or difficult experience, or if you are feeling resistance. Often those experiences give the most interesting and transforming insights about yourself.
  • All exercises are done dressed, also men keep their tops on.
  • If sex or dating is your intention to join the evening, then you are in the wrong setting. We ask you not to come with this intention.
  • If an exercise raises sexual energy, and you are not with a partner that you know well, please mention this to your partner to check if the feelings are mutual and/or welcome. Also you can relax with the feelings, enjoy them, and not project them outward.
  • Please don’t leave the session without consulting me (Wanda) or one of the assistants. You are free to leave anytime. Also for our and the groups feeling of safety it is important to know that you leave in a good way

If you can’t agree on these guidelines, please cancel your participation, or contact me.
If you can agree, feel welcome to join!

If we think that you do not respect these ‘guidelines’ it is possible that we eliminate you from the group, we will always clear this to you with personal attention and explanation.
Tantra Groningen

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