‘Tantric Moments’ is not organised by professionals, but started off because of the desire to do more with tantra, to practice, to play and to develop ourselves on a basis of equivalence.

The purpose is to create a safe space together and to practice the beautiful tools. We are with so many beautiful people, and it is such a joy to get in a deeper connection, and help each other further to open up.

Give each other a hand!

Every week we will be guided through different exercises, in advance you will find on this web page or on facebook a description for the coming event. If you want to join the facebook-group, read the instructions on the practicals-page.

It is quite important that you read this in advance, so that you can prepare yourself, sometimes this will include physical preparation, sometimes it will be quested to bring a partner you feel comfortable with, a friend or your partner.
Also you can check whether you think the actual topic suits you.
Every session will start and end in a circle with a check-up with each other and create the group-setting. Hereby you not only open to yourself but also to the group, a powerful tool to vastly create a togetherness.
Probably after the opening this will follow a meditation or bodywork, to help you turn inwards and experience your physical body in this moment.

All will be held in a safe (clothed on) setting.
We stay out of sexual energy, though might discuss related topics within the group setting.
Halfway we will have a 15min (tea/pee)break.

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