Guiding an evening

Tantric Moments’ is the perfect field to practice and experiment with your qualities to lead a group. The group of ‘Tantric Moments’ is very open, friendly and easy to step in. If you are more experienced with groups, or if it is even your job, it is a beautiful place to leave the best and most enjoyable business card for the work you are doing.

You don’t need to have a tantric background, actually all meditation, body and interaction-work is useful within the field of tantra. But we want you to be present at least one time before you lead our group, so you can see and feel our admosphere. As well we will have a personal talk to see if your approach suits ours.
Also we will give a guess if we think you can give the right and safe embrace for a tantric moment. Maybe we will ask you to guide one of the contact improvisation classes as a start up, and to see how you lead a group.

If you are interested or want to introduce somebody to guide an evening, please contact us at:

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