what is tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual path in which you use “the other” to descent deeper within yourself, and from there re-connect, regain your trust and reclaim your natural unity.
The other is your surroundings, nature, your friends, family, your food, another person, your lover but also your own emotions, thoughts and senses! In tantra you will research how you relate to each other, and by recovering your trust, opening yourself in sensitivity, vulnerability and honesty to that otherness. On this path you will see how you can reclaim the responsibility for your life, and create the safe atmosphere in where you can be(come) what you really are.

The first teaching in tantra will be to become loving towards you own body, get friends with it, respect it, honour it and take care for it.
This is your home, and the gift from the world to you. If you take good care it will reveal big mysteries for you, all growth is dependent on this bond.
Margot Anand (free translation)

Your body is a temple where a unique god is living: … YOU!

First you need to reconnect to your own body, (your vehicle to realise yourself into this world), we will do that with bodywork and meditation, in which we focus on dance, breath, movement, emotions, flow and the sensual experience.

Tantra is there where movement becomes meditation.

Second, you will have to practice how you can relate with “the other” without losing the anchoring connection with yourself. Honesty, transparency and openness towards all thoughts, emotions and feelings that will arise in that relation is the essential key to reprogram yourself thát you are safe and loved in this world. And that you cán take care!

Fall in love with life!

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