Tantric moments is set up because of the desire to do more with tantra in day to day life, and to integrate it within a network of beautiful people. Tantra is a way to fall in love with life. To realise this, we will help each other to find more and more rely in ourselves wrapped in a loving support and encourage.

From this perspective I created this website to give you some more information, and an idea in which way we will work with tantra in our tantric moments.
The information I give is based on my personal experience and the picture that I have about tantra. So if you have different idea’s or visions about it, please don’t mind. Tantra is such a wide path that the interpretations are infinite…….

Love knows the secret way there

Maybe see you on one of our Tantric Moments.
from the Tantric Moments team


Tantra Groningen

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